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What is Marketing Automation and How Can it Make Your Life Easier?

Posted by Lauren Totin

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 “Automation” is one of those words that has taken on unnecessarily negative connotations in the online marketing space. That’s because, for many people “Automation” is synonymous with impersonal – or even spammy! In the early days of SEO especially, automation was used to blast out spam and send unwelcome blog comments and e-mails to people who had neither asked for, nor expected them.

So when the topic of automation comes up in inbound marketing, some people (rightfully) have their guard up. But automation needn’t be an evil or impersonal thing – in fact, automation is critical to inbound marketing success because it can free up your time to focus on value-adding activities; the kind of things that stand in stark opposition to “impersonal” or “spammy” labels.

Here are just five of the many ways marketing automation software can make life simple for marketers:

1. Send and schedule e-mails and drip campaigns

Never forget to follow up again! Marketing software allows you to customize your content offering to the customer’s journey, and deliver the right messages at precisely the right moment. Tracking and scheduling are done automatically.

2. Social media monitoring

Wondering what’s being said about your brand, or eager to participate in conversations? Automation software can eavesdrop on the social media channels your business participates in and notify you when it’s time to respond. Some software can even do sentiment analysis and pool metrics to help you evaluate the performance of your campaigns.



3. Create (and evaluate) landing pages

How well are your landing pages performing? Do you know the right metrics to watch? Is it easy to compare A vs. B? Automation software makes this a cinch, with tools to help you not only create better landing pages, but monitor which variation is bringing home the bacon.

4. Create (and evaluate) blog posts

Just like landing pages, with marketing automation software like HubSpot, you can create and measure the performance of content like blog posts from right within the platform. True to its name, the software acts like a central “hub” for all your content creation and promotion activities.

5. SEO tasks

Unlike the link blasts and automated spam of years past, modern automation software can streamline SEO tasks like on-page evaluation, contact information gathering and outreach (though the personalized message will be up to you!). Software can also streamline rank tracking and metrics monitoring to keep you from having to pull together stats from multiple locations.

Tools are only as good as their users – but automation software can make you a better marketer!

It’s true that a tool is only as good as the person using it, but when it comes to automation software, the tool can actually make you better at your job. By eliminating the opportunities for missed follow-ups, overlooked metrics, poor A/B testing or gaps in your data, automation software can keep you accountable, streamline your workflow and speed up the time taken to see tangible results from your marketing efforts. It’s a big win on all fronts – and something that ought to be considered crucial for the modern marketer.


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