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Teknicks, 10 Years of Lessons From the Founder

Posted by Nick Chasinov on Apr 7, 2014 1:29:00 PM

Ten Year Anniversary | Teknicks 10 Years of Lessons From the Founder 

10 years. I can't believe it. Well maybe I can. You see I was so focused in the early days that failure was not an option. I believed Teknicks would be something great and I knew it would last beyond ten years; it had to, it was my whole life focus. Before I was married and before I had my kids (the two best days of my life), I had one focus: to grow Teknicks to the point that I didn't have to work for someone else. Pretty straightforward goal. I literally hated going to work for someone else, but I still gave it 100% and my employers ended up being some of my largest clients (tip: don't burn bridges).


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Happy 4th of July!

Posted by Nick Chasinov on Jul 4, 2013 2:41:00 PM

4th of July Fireworks | Happy 4th of July!

Another holiday weekend at the Jersey Shore is upon us. While each business and home may not be fully restored, the heart and soul of the Jersey Shore is undeniably present this 4th of July Weekend.

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