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Top 10 Twitter Accounts To Follow For SEO News

Posted by Matthew Campion

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According to Twitter, there are 255 million monthly active users on the platform, and a booming 500 million Tweets sent per day. If you rely on Twitter as your source of SEO news and to stay current on industry happenings you need to be hearing from the right people.

Here's a list of the top 10 industry leaders that SEOs and digital marketers need to be following in order to receive the most accurate and up-to-date information. 

1. Matt Cutts


Why you should follow: Who better to follow for SEO news than the Head of Google Spam? Matt Cutts uses his twitter account to announce any Google search engine updates and other Google developments. He is one of the top influential users on Twitter.

Click here to follow:


2. Danny Sullivan


Why you should follow: A pioneer in the Search engine industry, Sullivan is a reliable source for industry news, and reports on Google algorithm updates.

Click here to follow Danny:


3. Search Engine Land


Why you should follow: Founded by Danny Sullivan, you can stay in the loop with any digital marketing happenings and industry announcements. According to a study by Leadtail, SEL is the most retweeted publisher/vendor by search marketers.

Click here to follow SEL:


 4. Moz


Why you should follow: As an industry leader in the space, Moz provides valuable resources for learning about SEO and Inbound Marketing.

Click here to follow Moz:


5. Marketing Land


Why you should follow: Coming in at #5 for the most retweeted publisher by Search Marketers - You’ll be served up the most timely digital & internet marketing news on the daily.

Click here to follow Marketing Land:


6. Neil Patel


Why you should follow: Founder of KISSMetrics and Crazy Egg, Patel provides the most up to date news on SEO and insights on business tactics.

Click here to follow Neil Patel:


7. Rand Fishkin


Why you should follow: CEO of Moz (Formerly SEOMoz) , Rand provides updates on new tools, marketing strategies, and all things SEO.

Click here to follow Rand:


8. Teknicks


Why you should follow: A leader in the SEO space since 2004, Teknicks provides insights to new SEO strategies/tools as well updates on any industry news and developments.

Click here to follow Teknicks:


 9. Google Webmasters


Why you should follow: This account provides information and resources about tools and developments to help webmasters create awesome sites.

Click here to follow Google Webmaster Tools:


10. Barry Schwartz


Why you should follow: Executive Editor at Search Engine Roundtable and a self-proclaimed “Search Geek” Barry is well known & respected in the search marketing industry for his expertise. You’ll be served up all the newest SEO happenings and marketing updates.

Click here to follow Barry:


There are hundreds of trusted twitter accounts that are related to SEO and marketing but if you don't want to miss any updates or new developments be sure to optimize your twitter feed by following these top 10 SEO accounts.

Did we miss any of your favorite twitter accounts for SEO news? Drop a line below, we'd love to hear from you!


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