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Advantages of Brand Positioning

Posted by Nick Chasinov

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Think about the last purchase you made. What were the features, advantages, and benefits of the specific product or brand that you selected? We took a look at a few popular brands in different verticals and considered the positioning of the product in the market. Did their positionings match our responses and what were their advantages of brand positioning? Find out below:




Sanuk is the Thai word for “funk and happiness”. The brand’s mission is to make products that are as much about funk as they are about function. They have grown substantially with distribution across the United States and in over 50 countries throughout Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia. However, the company’s roots are based in California and the design was engineered for active surfers, skaters, and beach goers. The target market needed a shoe that would slip on and off, breathe well with wet sandy feet, prevent odor, and still fit the outfit for a business casual dinner after a surf session. The competitors were making more of a durable sneaker designed for skating and resembled the traditional sneaker design. Sanuk offered a unique differentiation and positioning that was not offered by the competition. Its marketing and branding speak directly to the target audience and the athletes they sponsor support the brand culture.




Chipotle is committed to fulfilling their mission of “Food with Integrity”. As a pioneer in the sustainable fast food market, its core values were way ahead its time, before whole and real foods were household words. Chipotle’s positioning clearly matches my responses in the above table. They became the first national restaurant company to disclose the GMO ingredients in their food, and to cook only with non-GMO ingredients. Its commitment to sustainability, local produce, soil respect, and healthy livestock is the cornerstone to its brand. All of these positioning strategies coincide with the benefits and positive outcomes acquired from eating at their restaurants.




JetBlue offers free snacks, complementary drinks, televisions in every seat with DIRECTV, the most legroom in coach, and superior customer service. In an industry where margins and costs that are critical to the success of each transaction could put you out of business, JetBlue focuses on the big picture by targeting the needs and wants of flyers. For example, providing DIRECTV in every seat awards riders the luxury of relaxing to their favorite television shows in high definition and provides a seamless transition from couch to coach. JetBlue does a great job addressing their target audience by offering free food and beverages. This was a standard feature in the past for airlines but cutbacks forced many brands to retire it. This simple differentiator adds comfort and satisfaction for the flyers which can make all the difference.




The features of the Logitech mouse and keyboard were not superior to any of its competitors. Many brands provide the same capabilities and they all vary slightly in shape, color, or button positioning. As an active user of the product I do not find the low profile keys to help prevent typos or offer any added value from a standard keyboard. The installation did not require additional software but took about 15 minutes for the drivers to download which I thought was very long and frustrating. I don’t typically have the need to be 10 meters away from my computer so I am unable to confirm the claim but that feature is not particularly important to me. I use the keyboard and mouse everyday and it is just as effective as the wired version but nothing more. The product does not match the responses in the table for the simple fact that I am not taking advantage of the features at this time.



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