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Google Analytics Summit 2015: The Power of Together Recap

Posted by Katie Glebinski

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Another year of attending the GA Summit. Check.

Google Cardboard. Check.

Another year of having our minds blown by Google’s capabilities and advances. Double Check.

Not going to lie, I geeked out a little bit at some of the awesome new features and product updates that will be coming out. But unfortunately, this year’s summit is fully under NDA, and being a Google Analytics Certified Partner, this prohibits me from discussing any details regarding said features and product updates until they are released to the public. Sorry everyone!


But I must say, these presentations were fantastic. The tagline of the summit was “the power of together.” This was certainly proven to us with Google’s aspiration to improve Google Analytics integration between their products. By increasing the ability to integrate Google products, this will simplify and streamline the process of gathering and reporting on data and KPI’s. Check out Daniel Waisberg’s new book, Google Analytics Integrations, for an expert guide to improve your data integration and analysis. And feel free to take a selfie with the book like we did.


Another theme of the event was “capturing micro-moments.” Micro-moments occur when people instinctively turn to a device to act on a need to learn something, do something, watch something, etc. One quote that stuck out that was originally said by Google’s Director of Performance Ads Marketing, Matt Lawson, was “Browsers may still have sessions, but people have moments.” The goal of this is for us to understand user behavior to the point where we can implement strategy and meet consumers’ needs when these micro-moments occur.

One point that I am allowed to mention is a new Analytics Academy Course! Justin Cutroni, an Analytics Evangelist at Google, leads up the Google Analytics education team. Justin and his team have been providing free online digital analytics courses that are great for web analysts and marketers. They announced the 5th course titled Google Tag Manager Fundamentals, which is prefect for individuals interested in learning more about Google Tag Manager. If interested, you can register here.

I’m basically bursting at the seams in wanting to talk about the new features and product updates. I'm also very excited for the future of Google Analytics and what it can do for not only for Teknicks as a web analytics agency, but your company too!

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