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Google Hummingbird’s Algorithm: What You Need To Know

Posted by Matthew Campion

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Google Hummingbird’s Algorithm | Google Hummingbird’s Algorithm: What You Need To Know

Chances are you’ve seen an article announcing Google’s algorithm update and how it impacts 90% of all searches. This stat has raised alarm for many internet marketers, however, this is just an example of sensational writing and for those “in the know”, this really isn’t any cause for alarm. Google quietly updates its algorithm 500+ times a year, rarely announcing or naming the update. When they do publicly announce a new update, which in this case is called Hummingbird, naturally people worry about their Google rankings

In short, the Google Hummingbird update is designed to serve up relevant results when users use voice activated search on their phone and/or ask more involved questions. Google's rationale is that when people are speaking searches into their phone, they are more inclined to ask longer, more involved questions.  In the age of smart phones, this is a common search behavior for users and Google just wants to be sure they are always serving up the best results for its users.

In summary:

“The change needed to be done, Singhal said, because people have become so reliant on Google that they now routinely enter lengthy questions into the search box instead of just a few words related to specific topics.

With the advent of smartphones and Google's voice-recognition technology, people also are increasingly submitting search requests in sequences of spoken sentences that resemble an ongoing conversation. That trend also factored into Google's decision to hatch Hummingbird.”(Huffington Post)

How does this update affects search engine marketers?

Danny Sullivan states, “Google’s saying there’s nothing new or different SEOs or publishers need to worry about. Guidance remains the same, it says: have original, high-quality content. Signals that have been important in the past remain important; Hummingbird just allows Google to process them in new and hopefully better ways.” (Search Engine Land)



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