Jul 18, 2014 4:11:28 PM

Google Removes Authorship Photos From Search Results

Posted by Matthew Campion

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Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst, John Mueller, announced in a Google+ post that Google would be removing the profile photo and Google+ circle count associated with authorship of a webpage from search listings.



Mueller assures users that click-through rates on the new design would be “similar.” The claim has been met with some criticism from the SEO and content creation community considering it contradicts the arguments Google used to convince authors of the value of adding authorship elements to search results in the first place.

These changes have been made as a part of Google’s plans to “clean up the visual design” of search results with a specific focus on improving mobile user’s experience according to Mueller. Considering Matt Cutt’s claim back in May that mobile queries might surpass PC searches this year it’s not surprising Google is eager to improve the mobile experience.

Though the changes exist to benefit mobile devices they will be seen on both desktop and mobile searches in hopes to “provide a consistent design on any device.” 

Now, let's not all start thinking authorship is dead. It still has its advantages and author authority is still a priority for Google search. Google understands that people are more likley to trust other people over "brands" or websites. 

What do you think about this announcement from Google? Do you think this will help clean up search results? 



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