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How Everyone Can Think Creatively

Posted by Lauren Bogosian

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Creative thinking is often thought of as a gift. If you were not born with it, then you simply cannot do it. You are just an analytical thinker and there is nothing that can change it. That is a misconception that is unfortunately believed by too many people. Now if you are saying, “but I’m really not creative at all” then listen up!


What If I’m Not Creative?


We have all heard the ‘fact’ that we go through life using our left or right brain.

Your left and right brain processes information differently. The left is known to focus on analytical information, logic, and language while the right brain focuses on intuition, and creative and expressive tasks like music or facial recognition. So if you are a left brain thinker then the answer is you cannot be creative, right? Wrong. The theory of left vs. right brain was created in 1981 and is actually a myth.


It is us as humans that tend to use one side of our brains more than the other, therefore causing us to think you are solely one type of thinker. In reality, both sides of your brain work together on a daily basis. So we really are all creative. Like anything else that may be new to you, it is a learning experience, and you have to make time for it.


Tapping Into Your Creative Side


If you are still not convinced that your analytical and logical thinking brain can add a bit more room for creatively thinking, then learning how to be a creative thinker is key. Even for those who already think creatively but have those creative blocks, like the ever present ‘writer’s block, knowing how to boost creativity is also essential.

There are many studies out there that suggest how you can encourage more creative thinking. Personally, I find the following ways work best for me when embracing or boosting my own creativity:

1. Look for inspiration in image form. This is my go to. Social media is an amazing way to search for inspiration on any topic, especially Instagram and Pinterest. Take a screenshot or repin something that really gets your attention.
2. Read. Blogs are another great resource to get inspired and find inspiration. It can be about anything, but reading various styles of writing and how others create/layout content is eye opening.
3. Write it down. After reading and seeing various topics or images that get my brain going, I write down ideas I’d like to start practicing regularly like a new drawing or topic to write about.

Getting inspired starts to have thoughts come out of the wood work. They might not all connect with one another, but are individual new ideas that you can work toward. That is exactly what you are looking for…your brain to just start spewing ideas out. Thinking and forming an idea is creativity, and that is often the most difficult part of the creative process. So take the time to focus on what gets your brain going.


Creative Thinking as a Business Tool

If you are thinking “creativity is not really important in my industry” think again. Creative thinking is a business tool. How does branding happen? How does getting your small business out there to the public happen? How do blog posts get written? How do you fix a problem within the company? The list could be infinite.

Creative thinking does not only pertain to the marketing team. Being creative within sales, human resources, secretary positions, and really any other position, benefits the company. It is important for all areas of a company to find new ways of looking at problems within the business.

Creativity spurs innovation. Innovation drives progress. And innovation grows business.

We Are All Creative

Having a successful creative thought does not mean you have to invent a flying car like Doc. Being successful is what you were hoping to achieve. Writing your first (or 50th) blog post is a success. Creating a new brand image is a success. Presenting a new, helpful idea for your company is a success. You had an idea and you executed. Always remember that creativity is in everyone and there is always room for improvement. So keep practicing and never stop dreaming up new ideas.


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