Google Now Indexing HTTPS Over HTTP By Default

Posted by Nick Chasinov on Dec 29, 2015 10:41:12 AM


     Security is a top priority at Google. In 2014, Google announced a slight ranking boost to HTTPS URLs in the SERPs. Although the industry is divided if this really made a difference for SEO and is worth the investment,


Topics: Website Analytics, Content Creation, SEO, Security, HTTPS, Indexing

The 5 G.O.A.T.s of the SEO Industry

Posted by Paul Marino on Dec 28, 2015 8:30:00 AM


Firstly I need to explain the title, as I am sure most of you are a little lost. GOAT is an acronym for Greatest of All Time, which is usually used when discussing and describing the Michael Jordan’s of the world.


Topics: Internet Marketing, SEO

The Beginner's Guide to Instagram Ads

Posted by Lauren Bogosian on Dec 21, 2015 4:30:00 PM


Lately, it seems like every time you scroll through Instagram, you get multiple ads thrown in your feed. With Instagram ads now available to everyone, they have become increasingly popular. We thought it would be helpful to breakdown some basic tips to get your Instagram ads started.


Topics: Social Media Marketing, Social Media, instagram, instagram ads

Your Simple Guide to Identifying and Revoking a Google Penalty

Posted by Erica Gusk on Nov 9, 2015 8:30:00 AM

So, you’ve noticed a drop in your traffic, rankings, or you’ve been removed from the index all together, have you been hit by Google?


Topics: Link Building & Acquisition, Google Penalty, Manual Action, Link Removal

Brand Positioning Example: Features, Advantages, and Benefits

Posted by Nick Chasinov on Oct 27, 2015 9:46:44 AM

Think about the last purchase you made. What were the features, advantages, and benefits of the specific product or brand that you selected? We took a look at a few popular brands in differenct verticals and considered the positioning of the product in the market. Did their positionings match our responses? Find out!


Topics: Branding, Advertising, Public Relations, Marketing Data

Video Advertising: Answering a Need and Making a Difference

Posted by Nick Chasinov on Oct 27, 2015 9:44:28 AM

Online video advertising provides marketers the opportunity to utilize site, sound, and motion to better communicate their message. While the idea is not new, the recent advancements in technology and online video integration has created a new medium for businesses to precisely reach target audiences where they live, work, and play.


Your Marketing Executive May Be More Open To Inbound Marketing Than You Think

Posted by Victoria Petrucha on Oct 13, 2015 9:00:00 AM


If you’re working in the marketing field, you probably assume executives favor outbound marketing over inbound marketing.

It’s time to stop assuming and get down to the facts. The annual Hubspot Sales and Marketing Report was released and found that senior executives may be more open to inbound marketing than you think. 


Topics: Internet Marketing, Marketing Agency, Inbound Marketing, Inbound Marketing Agency, Content Creation, Lead Management, SEO, Blogging, PPC, Marketing Automation, Ecommerce, Marketing Data, Automated Marketing, Lead Generation, Increase Conversions

Credible Blogs That Influence Marketing Decisions

Posted by Nick Chasinov on Oct 7, 2015 6:16:00 PM

The Quicksprout blog is a credible and well developed blog managed by Neil Patel. The blog covers a wide array of digital marketing topics including but not limited to SEO, content marketing, link building, and conversion rate optimization. Neil is a well-known digital marketing expert and co-founder of Crazy Egg, Kissmetrics, and Hello Bar.


Topics: Internet Marketing, Marketing Agency, SEO, Advertising

Teknicks partners with Ruxit for Page Speed Webinar

Posted by Teknicks on Jul 28, 2015 1:15:00 PM


Teknicks is partnering with Ruxit on a webinar to guide attendees through the best practices involved in Google-approved SEO and web performance optimization. Free offers from Teknicks & Ruxit will be given to all those who register.


Google Analytics Summit 2015: The Power of Together Recap

Posted by Katie Glebinski on Jun 12, 2015 5:06:00 PM



Another year of attending the GA Summit. Check.

Google Cardboard. Check.

Another year of having our minds blown by Google’s capabilities and advances. Double Check.


Topics: Website Analytics, Marketing Data

Nofollow Link Case Study: Proof They Work

Posted by Paul Marino on Jun 8, 2015 3:30:00 PM

The Story of how a Nofollow Link Building Strategy Drove Page 1 Rankings and Increased Organic Traffic 288% in 1.5 Years


If you work in SEO – heck, even if you don’t, you might be familiar with the terms nofollow and dofollow in regards to backlinks. It is greatly debated within the industry whether nofollow links carry any weight or even matter at all. Well I am here to tell you today that NOfollow links DO matter in the world of SEO and link building. The stats and results provided below will show you how we were able to increase our clients’ organic traffic by 288% in about a year and a half, WITH 89% BEING NOFOLLOW LINKS! There is a lot to discuss so let’s get to it.



Topics: Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Website Analytics, Link Building & Acquisition, SEO, Marketing Data, Keyword Data

7 Ways to Turn your Blog into Cash Flow

Posted by Teknicks on Jun 1, 2015 3:30:00 PM



So you decided to take the plunge and start blogging about your passions. Good for you! You may have thought it would be a piece of cake setting up a blog and churning out some awesome content that would lead to tons of revenue in no time, right?! So what happened? You set everything up and waited just to realize that your blog isn’t bringing in the cash flow you’d hoped.


Topics: Content Creation, Blogging, Email Marketing, Advertising, Ecommerce, Sales Generation

5 Simple Steps to Uncovering your Competitors' Backlinks

Posted by Carly Jacoutot on May 22, 2015 5:37:00 PM



When looking to improve in anything, be it a sport, hobby, or profession, one of the first things to do is to look to others that are better than you. What have they done and what do they continue to do to be the best? How can you mimic their practices to reach similar or better outcomes? The same is true when it comes to Google rankings: you want to take a look at what the top sites in your industry are doing so you can learn how to achieve the desired results.



Topics: Link Building & Acquisition, SEO

Top 5 Free Google Tools for Digital Marketing

Posted by Matthew Campion on Apr 13, 2015 3:30:00 PM


There is a large list of free tools for digital marketing that should be used by everyone from beginners to experts in the field. Although Google in particular has released many free tools to help digital marketers, we've listed out the top 5 free Google tools for digital marketing and SEO:


Topics: Internet Marketing, Marketing Agency, Website Analytics

4 Ways Content Marketing Drives Ecommerce Sales

Posted by Lauren Totin on Apr 6, 2015 3:30:00 PM


Looking to grow your leads, expand your reach and build rapport with your customers? Content marketing is a tool that every ecommerce retailer stands to benefit from. Here, we’ll look at 4 ways content marketing can help you drive more sales.


Topics: Content Creation, Lead Management, Lead Generation

Do You Need An SEO Agency? 10 Critical Questions To Ask Before You Hire

Posted by Lindsay DeFeo on Mar 30, 2015 3:00:00 PM



SEO is a vital component to any online marketing strategy and choosing the right SEO agency is crucial. By choosing the wrong one, you may put your company’s website and reputation at risk. Unfortunately, some SEO agencies engage in black hat tactics, take short cuts for quick successes and violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Ultimately, this could lead to a huge drop in rankings and a plummet in revenue - we're looking at you eBay. It is extremely important to do your research to evaluate the pros and cons of each SEO agency. Here's a list of questions you should ask before signing any contract. Knowledge is power - the more you know the better!


Top 10 Twitter Accounts To Follow For SEO News

Posted by Matthew Campion on Mar 23, 2015 10:00:00 AM





According to Twitter, there are 255 million monthly active users on the platform, and a booming 500 million Tweets sent per day. If you rely on Twitter as your source of SEO news and to stay current on industry happenings you need to be hearing from the right people.


Topics: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Link Building & Acquisition, Social Media Marketing

Page Speed Importance in SEO: How Quickly Does Your Web Page Load?

Posted by Katie Glebinski on Mar 9, 2015 8:15:00 PM

Speedometer | Page Speed Importance in SEOPage speed is a very important factor in your online marketing campaign, however it's also something that is often overlooked. When you put as much time and effort into your SEO strategy as most people do nowadays, the last thing you want is for your visitors to hit the back button because your website is taking too long to load. Long gone are the days of dial up internet and the patience required just to sign on to AOL. 


Topics: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Usability & Conversion Optimization

8 Things to Expect When Adopting an Inbound Marketing Campaign

Posted by Lindsay DeFeo on Feb 26, 2015 10:30:00 AM

Inbound Marketing Question | What To Expect When Adopting an Inbound Marketing Campaign

If you’re thinking about starting an inbound marketing campaign, there’s some things you really should know…

1. You’re going to be involved.

There’s no way around it – inbound marketing means taking a hands-on approach to your marketing efforts. That doesn’t mean you’ll be doing all of the work, but inbound is not a “we’ll just contract it out and forget it” kind of deal. Much of your involvement will be upfront as your inbound marketing agency works with you to:


Topics: Inbound Marketing, Inbound Marketing Agency

Social Media ROI: It’s Not What You Think!

Posted by Lauren Bogosian on Feb 20, 2015 10:00:00 AM


It’s the question that makes social media managers bristle and inbound marketing teams sweat… what’s the ROI on social media?

It’s a fair question, too. You want to know that the time and money you invest in a channel is yielding some sort of return. But what if social media wasn’t actually a direct sales channel? What if you’ve been thinking about it the wrong way?

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