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Tear Down the [Angie’s List Pay] Wall! Tear Down the [Angie’s List Pay] Wall!

Posted by Paul Marino

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First, let me start off by saying that hopefully there are some Pink Floyd fans reading this that got the title of my post. If not then you really need to go Google their CD “The Wall” and listen to it, but I digress……

The reality of this post is that something fairly big happened recently that isn’t getting much love online. I only recently came across it the other day on Search Engine Land (read the full article here).

The word is that the long standing Angie’s List has finally decided to remove their paywall which makes their site and accompanying content (mostly in the form of reviews for various companies in many industries) open for anyone to access, not just paying members like before.

This will undoubtedly have a major impact on many companies with reviews on Angie’s List because before this switch you could have horrible reviews that were only accessible by the small percentage of paying members. Now those reviews, good or bad, are available for the world to see.

Knowing the role Yelp and Google Reviews play for companies’ online reputations and placement in the SERPs, you can bet that Angie’s List will now have a hand in both of those as well. Especially since Angie’s List already did rank reasonably well before taking the paywall down.

Now that there will be MORE company information/content available, those rankings should only increase.

While Angie’s List focuses more on the home services market, such as plumbing, landscaping, roofing etc., there are still some things you need to know.

1. Angie’s List Rankings

As mentioned above, now that Angie’s List will be providing more un-gated content, company listings will more than likely start ranking higher in the SERPs for branded search queries, similar to Yelp.

This can be good or bad depending on your current reviews on Angie’s List, but either way this should now be something you take into consideration when developing a strategy for capturing positive reviews in general. 

It’s time to include Angie’s List with the other high profile platforms.

2. Review Monitoring Tools

Unlike most other premium review sites, you will probably NOT be able to pull your review data from Angie’s List through use of an API, at least for now.

This could be something they look into creating down the road, but they never created an API for this since their content was behind a paywall.

With that being said, it’s probably a good idea to “claim your profile” on Angie’s List if you have one so that way you will at least get notified of new reviews and have the ability to respond to them as needed.

3. Market Expansion for Angie’s List

As previously stated, Angie’s List focuses mainly on the “home services market”, however, I believe this may start to increase into new areas. Like the Search Engine Land article says, I don’t necessarily think they will break into the restaurant industry but who knows at this point in the game, it’s just too early to tell.

I do strongly agree with the possibility of them getting into the B2B industries, especially the software/SaaS review industry. I think there is great opportunity there.

This shift in Angie’s List philosophy should be on your radar. If anyone has had to deal with negative reviews in the past, or present, then you know how damaging they can be to your online reputation.

On the flip side of that, having extremely positive reviews can help catapult your business to new heights so this is certainly something to be taken seriously. I am personally excited to see how it all unfolds.

Thanks for reading and I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject below!



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