Mar 27, 2014 5:21:00 PM

Twitter and LinkedIn Unveil Brand New Features

Posted by Lauren Bogosian

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1. LinkedIn's Dynamic Duo

We've been talking and LinkedIn has clearly been listening! The social platform for professionals has released some features that will now allow users to see how effective their content marketing efforts have been.

Content Marketing Score

How it works: The tool will measure the member engagement by taking into consideration your sponsored updates, company pages, LinkedIn groups, employee updates, and influences ports. The tool will then serve up your content marketing score, ranked against your competitive set. In addition to the score, you will also be given specific recommendations on how you can improve your marketing. You'll now be able to optimize your campaigns based on the performance of your content marketing efforts.


Trending Content

How it works: This feature will allow LinkedIn users to keep tabs on trending topics. Depending on the industry, you can search for topics like leadership, entrepreneurship, cloud computer, etc. to see what the LinkedIn audience has to say and which members are engaging most with that topic. From here, you can tailor your content for maximum relevance.

"We saw a challenge to meet: one that may be a tall order, but one that we address for content marketers using LinkedIn with the launch of the Content Marketing Score, an analytics resource that gives you insight into the impact of your paid and organic content on LinkedIn. It’s a simple score calculated by measuring unique engagement (gauged through social actions), divided by your total target audience." ( LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog)

LinkedIn created a video for a more thorough understanding of the newly released 'Dynamic Duo'.


2. Twitter platform updates

Twitter has unveiled two new features this week with the intent of making photos on twitter more social. So without any further ado...

Photo Tags 

How it works: Tag up to 10 individuals in a photo without eating up character count in a tweet. What is that I hear? Cheers of applause worldwide? I thought so. Now it's easier to connect with your followers.


Share multiple photos

How it works: Share up to 4 photos in a single tweet. Perfect for sharing photos from conferences, screenshots from content pieces, or even to share a quick weekend recap with your followers.


Bonus: both of these new features will display in embedded Tweets.


We hope that you found this post helpful and that you're now in the know of the important social marketing updates for the week.

Do you have any updates to add? Drop us a message in the comments box, we'd be happy to hear from you!


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