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Video Advertising: Answering a Need and Making a Difference

Posted by Nick Chasinov

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Online video advertising provides marketers the opportunity to utilize site, sound, and motion to better communicate their message. While the idea is not new, the recent advancements in technology and online video integration has created a new medium for businesses to precisely reach target audiences where they live, work, and play.



The assimilation of social media with video advertising enables viewers to share, comment, like, and promote the videos with the potential for wide scale organic distribution or what is known as “going viral”. Emotionally surprising videos generate liking and views more than any kind of video content (Pirouz, Johnson, Thomson, & Pirouz, 2015). The element of surprise is a great way to take advantage of the virality potential of video advertising. Viewers’ emotions are piqued and that heightened sense of enthusiasm is something they want to share with the world. Social media provides a seamless platform for users to easily communicate that feeling with something as simple as clicking the “like” button. While there are many options to creating compelling content that users want to engage with, getting the video in front of the right audience that has the potential to buy your product or service is a different story.

Yashi is a pioneer in the online video advertising industry and a true new product line provider. The technology enables marketers to display pre-roll video ads to web surfers based on behavior, demographic, device, domain, weather, location, time, interests, purchasing habits, job title, and many other advanced criteria. Users are now watching more web-based videos than ever. Video ad view volume increased 47% from 2011 to 2012 which is more than double the growth rate of video views (Li & Lo, 2015). This has led to the advent of required pre-roll video that must be viewed for a specified time period before a user can exit and view the intended video.

While online video ads are nothing new, Yashi’s technology led to the creation of a new advertising channel where marketers can utilize granular levels of consumer detail to accurately target prospective customers with pre-roll ads when they are actively visiting a website and about to view a video. The critical part is getting the right type of video ads in front of the right people at the right time. In order to reduce the advertisement avoidance tendency, it is imperative that firms try to overcome the factors that trigger online video advertisement avoidance. In other words, targeting the right customers is very important; otherwise it may result in a general advertisement avoidance behavior among the consumers (Hussain & Lasage, 2014). Yashi has accomplished this by developing a real-time bidding technology that enables marketers to purchase ad space and serve up pre-roll videos in less than 100 milliseconds if the web visitor fits the advertising criteria. The ability to target distinct users based on conditions such as demographic, behavior, interests, and location ensures that the ad is presented to the right audience and at the right time.



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