Feb 25, 2016 9:30:00 AM

Where Creativity Fits Into Marketing

Posted by Alexa Novo



It may not always be fully apparent how creativity plays into the world of SEO & marketing, but there are several facets of the industry which require you to stretch your right brain’s legs. Whether you consider yourself a “creative type” or not, here are 4 ways in which creativity fits into search engine marketing.


  1. Visuals and Graphic Design

This is an obvious one, but even if you’re not a graphic designer or creative director don’t think you can’t help create graphics and other visuals.

If you’re scared of Adobe Photoshop but beyond Microsoft Paint, there are options (we recommend Canva) where you can choose from tons of well-designed templates and additional graphic elements like shapes and icons to create the perfect image to go along with your blog post or social media messaging.

Even PowerPoint presentations or Excel spreadsheets can be enhanced with graphics by using SmartArt. Data is much more interesting and easier to digest when it’s made visually appealing!


  1. Social Media

Social media provides a huge opportunity for creativity. Of course there are more technical aspects to this aspect of the job, like how research shows there are certain times of the day when you should be posting on social media, but crafting an engaging tweet in 150 characters or less is basically an art form.


  1. Content Creation

Maybe you aren’t responsible for actually writing content, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of the process. Before a post is written there needs to be the idea behind it, so take this opportunity to be the one who thinks up an engaging, fresh topic. Or even take an existing topic and try to put your own creative spin on it or think of a new way to present it.

Because there are already so many posts covering the same topics, there needs to be some creative flair to your work to stand out.

Another way to provide some creative input to your company’s content is to come up with one of the most vital parts of a piece of content: the title. Those of us in the marketing industry have learned just how important titles are because they play a huge role in search engine traffic and act as your first chance to quickly grab a reader’s attention and interest. So get creative and see how many titles you can craft!


  1. Brainstorming with your team

Even if you don’t go into a meeting or brainstorming session prepared with some revolutionary and creative idea, that’s okay! Brainstorming sessions are the perfect place to start with nothing and build something with your team by participating in the conversation and working together.

Maybe your co-worker already has an awesome idea and they just need help fleshing it out or figuring out how to bring it to fruition. That can be where you step in! Creativity thrives when people come together, open their minds, and speak freely; in this way, creativity and collaboration go hand in hand.



So maybe all the technical aspects of SEO aren’t your thing, remember being a person who can bring creativity to an SEO company is just as valuable as your co-workers who are in charge of analytics.


There are so many ways you can fulfill your creative side with a job in this industry. And if you don’t think you have a very strong creative side, I’m sure you will find that maybe you have been offering and expressing some creativity all along, or maybe you’ll find new ways to start doing so.



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