How To Increase Rankings With Engagement (Tactical Tips)

Posted by The Teknicks Team on Sep 4, 2021 11:51:03 AM

Increase rankings with engagment

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Many businesses aim for their websites to rank highly in search engines, but it's a moving target.

In fact, Google released 8 notable algorithm updates this year so far to better meet searchers' needs (emphasizing the "optimization" part of SEO).


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Now Is the Perfect Time to Capture The Attention Of Your Audience

Posted by Nick Chasinov on Sep 4, 2021 11:08:59 AM

Capture Your Audience's Attention

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Our world is increasingly online. The number of internet users has doubled globally in the past decade and now reaches 56% of the world’s population, with the average user staying online more than six and a half hours per day.


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Why PWAs Are Poised to Dominate Moving Forward

Posted by Nick Chasinov on Sep 4, 2021 10:56:45 AM

progressive web app

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Companies undergoing digital transformation face a difficult choice between native apps and progressive web apps. Here are three of the main benefits offered by PWAs.

If Apple was threatened by “Fortnite” trying to bypass the App Store, it’s not going to be happy when progressive web apps take off. PWAs disrupt the tech giant’s granular control


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PWA vs Native App: Which is Better in 2021?

Posted by The Teknicks Team on Feb 12, 2021 3:14:57 PM

PWA vs. Native App: Which is Better?

Source: Pexels (CC0 License)

Apps are an essential tool that organizations should consider offering to provide users with an exceptional customer experience. Over the last few years, there has been growing support for progressive web apps, or PWA. The great thing about a PWA is that it combines the functionality of a native app, with the accessibility of a website. Many have started to question whether or not it is possible for PWAs to completely replace native apps in the future. 


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How To Find A Reputable NJ SEO Agency

Posted by The Teknicks Team on Jan 19, 2021 2:26:14 PM

NJ SEO Agency


In an effort to drive your business forward, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) always comes into play. But SEO is much more than finding the right keywords and building backlinks; it is a practice always in evolution that is only efficient when it becomes part of a greater marketing strategy. Finding an agency to help you strategize and execute is critical, but in a saturated market like New Jersey it can prove to be difficult. So we put together a guide to help you find a reputable SEO agency in NJ or any location for that matter. 


Topics: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SEO, Content Marketing, Local SEO, NJ SEO

Marketing Research Survey: Google Search Behaviors

Posted by Teknicks on Jun 19, 2020 6:02:11 PM

Featured Image

The following results are from the survey that we conducted to better understand users search behavior on Google.

We were able to identify many interesting findings, such as: how people search, how likely they would be to scroll down to see additional results, what, if anything, would make them go to page two (or beyond) of a Google search, and much more.

Continue reading to see all of the findings we were able to uncover.


Topics: Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Inbound Marketing, Content Creation, google, marketing research

Can Voice Apps Play a Role In The Home Buying Process?

Posted by Teknicks on May 27, 2020 4:32:27 PM

amazon echo google home mini

The following results are from a survey that we conducted to understand if and how voice enabled devices can play a role in the customer journey for home buyers. Our client is the largest home builder in America and is always thirsty for data that can help them make smarter marketing and business decisions.

We also wanted to propose a voice app idea to the targeted audience and understand how they felt about the emerging technology concept.


Topics: Design, Voice Search Optimization, Amazon, Marketing, Voice Apps

Guide To CBD Marketing & CBD Advertising Laws -Teknicks

Posted by Teknicks on May 15, 2020 3:06:41 PM


Guide To CBD Marketing & CBD Advertising Laws

Topics: Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Creativity, marketing research, Marketing

The Best Time To Post On Instagram

Posted by Nick Chasinov on Jun 27, 2019 11:58:56 AM

The Best Time To Post On Instagram

Instagram is an image-based social media platform, developed by Facebook and launched in October 2010. According to Statista, in the first quarter of 2013, Instagram had 90 million monthly users. At beginning of Q3 2018, the site had 1 billion average monthly users, with forecasts expecting that it will continue to grow throughout the foreseeable future. Although Facebook is still significantly more widely used ( 2 billion average monthly users by some estimations), Instagram is steadily growing, and there are some differences in the average users of the two sites.


Topics: instagram

How to Set Your Marketing Strategy Up for Success

Posted by Nick Chasinov on May 28, 2019 3:17:16 PM

How to Set Your Marketing Strategy Up for Success


The first quarter has just come to a close, so perhaps now is a good time to examine your digital marketing strategy. Is the plan you created at the beginning of the year working?


Topics: Marketing

SEO Agency Versus In-House Team: What's Better For You?

Posted by Nick Chasinov on Apr 18, 2019 11:28:22 AM





To be successful online, companies need to take SEO seriously, and it must be a priority.

As the founder of an SEO agency, I have dedicated the last 20 years to helping companies improve their search engine rankings. We've worked with small companies, startups and huge global brands. Regardless of size, they all have the same primary SEO goals.


Topics: SEO Agency

How Entrepreneurs Can Beat Amazon at Organic Search

Posted by Nick Chasinov on Apr 9, 2019 10:03:05 AM


Amazon is the SEO giant but when it comes to organic search there are creative ways you can go toe-to-toe and win.

According to a recent Washington Post article, one company accounted for roughly half of all online retail sales as of 2018. Say it with me: Amazon. Unfortunately for smaller merchants,


Topics: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Amazon

What is the #1 Challenge for SEOs in-house?

Posted by Janet Bartoli on Mar 5, 2019 10:03:34 AM


What is the #1 Challenge for SEOs in-house?

Ask any SEO professional what their #1 challenge is and they’ll likely answer: Resources.

What they really mean though, is getting the right technical resources for implementing their SEO recommendations. Properly implementing your team’s recommendations on a consistent and timely basis will lead to strong organic performance over the long term.


Topics: SEO

Six Easy Ways To Gain Tremendous Credibility For Your Company

Posted by Nick Chasinov on Jan 28, 2019 11:01:37 AM


Trust is an important factor when it comes to making your business a success. This isn't surprising when you consider the effect of data and the social age's impact on consumers' ability to detect if and when brands are trying to deceive them.


Topics: Digital Marketing

How Ad Tech Entrepreneurs Can Combat Google and Facebook's Dominance

Posted by Nick Chasinov on Jan 22, 2019 5:09:00 PM


How Ad Tech Entrepreneurs Can Combat Google and Facebook's Dominance 

The best way to secure a share of the growing market? Avoid head-to-head competition with the duopoly and instead seek out new opportunities -- like these.


Topics: google, Digital Marketing, Facebook

The Secret To SEO For Financial Websites

Posted by Nick Chasinov on Jan 22, 2019 5:01:44 PM


It’s no secret that SEO is tricky for websites in the financial industry. I’ve worked with some of the most well-known financial brands and it’s still difficult for them. But before you jump ship to pursue SEO in another industry, let me fill you in on a secret.


Best Marketing Campaigns Of All Time

Posted by Nick Chasinov on Oct 30, 2018 1:54:07 PM


When a marketing campaign really lands, it becomes more than just a marketing campaign. The commercials, slogans, and catchphrases that we quote over and over to each other are part of our cultural landscape, as much as any other form of media that embeds itself in our public consciousness.


Topics: Advertising, Public Relations, marketing research, online marketing, Marketing

How Internet Marketing Is Powering Retail's Digital Transformation

Posted by Jeanine Krzyzanowski on Sep 25, 2018 10:18:36 AM

How Internet Marketing Is Powering Retails Digital Transformation

The success or failure of any business is determined by the business' ability to convert its inventories into sales. Easier said than done, the transformation process requires extensive sales and marketing strategy to reach a broader target market.


Topics: Internet Marketing, Digital Marketing

The One Tip You Need For A Successful Marketing Strategy

Posted by Nick Chasinov on Sep 4, 2018 3:29:24 PM

One of the most crucial aspects of any effective marketing strategy is the ability to reach your target audience. However, this is often easier said than done. Even experienced marketers make the mistake of not identifying who their audience is before they release an ad or start a campaign, which can significantly lower the return on investment (ROI) of any marketing channel.


Topics: marketing research

Three Ways to Properly Navigate Marketing Research in the Age of Data

Posted by Nick Chasinov on Sep 4, 2018 3:24:35 PM


Today’s marketing is fueled by data. But the mass of information at every marketing team’s fingertips brings inherent challenges marketers must overcome. Performing effective market research in the age of data is no easy feat.


Topics: marketing research

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