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What's Your PPC Campaign Happy Hour? Day Parting & Click to Call

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Happy Hour | What's Your Happy Hour? PPC Day Parting & Click to CallWith all the challenges businesses face in the PPC world today, it’s important to understand the tools and technology we can leverage to manage costs and drive the most success within limited budgets.  Hypertargeting is a great way to refine your PPC program to ensure you are reaching the most relevant audience and reduce superfluous costs and clicks.  While there are a multitude of ways to target via Google AdWords, today we are going to focus on day parting and using click to call ad extensions to drive success.

Day Parting Intro

Day parting can be a solid strategy for any PPC program.  By analyzing your data and understanding when people are most likely to convert, you can focus your ad exposure to those specific times of day and days of week.  With the new enhanced campaigns, day parting can be done in two ways. 

There is traditional day parting where you limit exposure of your ads to show only at set times of the day and/or days of the week, and then there is enhanced bidding where you can adjust your bid up or down at certain times, while your ad still shows 24/7. You can combine these two techniques for an increased benefit.

Determining Day Parting

The most important first step before you develop any strategies is to review your Google Analytics data.  This will identify your top performing days of the week along with what hour of the day you are seeing the greatest results.  You want to make sure your ads are in a prominent position – usually the top 3 spots if possible – at the peak conversion times.  At times where you get conversions but at a slightly lower rate, you may want to opt to show your ads at a reduced bid.  And finally, at times when little to no conversions come in, you’ll like want to pause your ads all together.

Don’t be surprised to find that different PPC campaigns perform differently. In these scenarios, consider separate rules rather than applying a blanket rule account-wide.  Branded campaigns often perform solidly regardless of time of day or day of week, so they may do better running all the time.  Many PPC marketers choose to keep their branded campaigns running around the clock, with day parting limited to their non-branded and generic campaigns.  Even though your branded campaigns are continuously running, you can still take advantage of adjusted bidding.  Increasing bids at peak times, or reducing them at off-peak hours can ensure that your branded ads still show while spending in line with performance history.

Click to Call IntroMobile Click to Call Ads | What's Your Happy Hour? PPC Day Parting & Click to Call

Mobile presence on the web has continually grown, and with it comes new opportunities to reach people via PPC on their mobile devices.  The ability to click on an ad to trigger a phone call is a great convenience for the mobile searcher.  It allows them to immediately connect with the advertiser or company they are interested in and get instant answers or information without having to click around on a small screen.

Google AdWords offers click to call at no additional charge via enhanced campaigns.  By adding call extensions to your ads, Google can serve a phone number with a click to call option allowing the customer to reach you directly without browsing further.  The call is charged the same as a regular click and often can convert at a much higher rate than traditional headline clicks.

Click to Call Scheduling

Similarly to day parting and enhanced bidding, you can schedule times of day and days of the week for your click to call extensions to appear.  This can ensure that when a searcher clicks to call your business, someone is there to answer.  Nothing is more frustrating than placing a call to be directed to voicemail!  Make sure that you take into account any lunch hours or any other times that someone may not be available to answer the phone, and adjust the timing for holidays and any other special occasions as necessary.


Day parting and click to call coupled with enhanced AdWords bidding capabilities are great ways to make the most of your PPC budget.  By showing ads at peak times of day and days of the week, and allowing mobile searchers to simply click to call your business, you can streamline the steps from search to conversion.  Through careful data analysis, you can set up and test different day parting and click to call options to find out what works best for your business. In other words, you are the creator of your very own conversion happy hour. Cheers to that!

Have you used day parting or click to call in your AdWords campaigns?  Share your stories with us in our comments.   For more great mobile information, look for our upcoming blog series The Mobile Marketing Shift.  


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