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Ebay Suffers Major Revenue Loss From Google Penalty: Could It Happen To You?

Posted by Matthew Campion

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Back in May the home of the original internet yard sale, eBay, was hit with a manual penalty by Google which has since cost the company a major loss in revenue.

Behind the Hit

The drop was originally thought to be a casualty of Google’s then-new Panda 4.0 update, before it was reported that the hit to eBay’s ranking was actually a Google manual penalty, meaning a real Google employee was behind the decision to punish eBay for bad SEO practices. (Re/Code)

This is supported by the fact that any major update to Google’s algorithm, like Panda, would affect an entire site. However, as RefuGeeks  pointed out only individual pages called “doorway pages,” which are category or sub-category pages eBay was allegedly creating and optimizing in hopes to benefit their rankings, were affected by the action.

How Bad Was It?

Over the course of just two days eBay dropped from #6 in Moz.com’s “Big 10” down to #25, and Search Engine Land is reporting eBay may have already lost $200 million in revenue (in part) as a result of the penalty.

eBay certainly isn’t the first major website to receive this kind of manual penalty from Google for poor SEO practices. Often times manual penalties can lead to major revenue loss for companies affected. Google has even penalized themselves several times in the past.

How Google Penalties Can Be Avoided

Matt Cutts’, head of Google’s Webspam team, offered some advice on choosing the right SEO Agency for your company.Cutts suggests companies:

Using a safe and ethical SEO strategy is the key to improving your search engine rankings along with removing any existing bad backlinks.



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