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Majestic Topical Trust Flow: Link Building Game Changer

Posted by Carly Jacoutot

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Majestic SEO | Topical Trust Flow Link BuildingMajestic SEO has done it again! They recently released another feature to their tool, called Topical Trust Flow, which works with all paid accounts within Majestic. Topical Trust Flow is one Majestic SEO Flow Metrics that categorizes every web page and domain into logical business verticals - it's a number predicting the proximity of any page within a website to any topic. 

Dixon Jones put together a helpful webinar on Topical Trust Flow and reviewed the many uses for it. Not only can it be used for link building to assist with targeted outreach, but this is extremely valuable for inbound marketers, advertising strategists, PR professionals, and business analysts. 

Why is this so valuable?

Before this feature was released, Majestic displayed a score for the citation and trust flow. With this new feature, it now allows you to filter your data like never before! By categorizing Trust Flow into topics, it helps you to be more laser-like focused in your marketing and research. 

In the example below, we took a look at the results:

You'll see the categories listed above are extremely relevant to the Whitehouse - Society/Government, Society/History, Society/Politics...etc. 

Unconvential ways to use topical trust flow

Topical Trust Flow can also be used to view social profiles, such as Twitter and LinkedIn. This can be very powerful in your link building efforts for determining who is influential and those who just seem to be influential on specific topics.

Additionally, this feature is extremely helpful when doing a competitor analysis for link building and evaluating backlink profiles for link removal - you now have a high level view to determine if certain domains have an irrelevant backlink network. Within the example above, if we saw a category related to Sports/Baseball for the, we would immediately know something doesn't seem right - could it be a possible link scheme, spammy links?...etc.

These are just a few ways we've been able to use the new feature, how about you? Have you tested Topical Trust Flow within your current link building and inbound marketing strategies? We would love to hear about it!



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